GreenLight™ Laser PVP is an out-patient procedure performed by a urologist with special training in the technique. The anesthesia can be general, spinal, or nerve-blocking along with sedation. The surgeon inserts a cystoscope (a tube equipped with a light) through the urethra to the prostate gland. A thin fiber is run through the cystoscope and placed in the urethra adjacent to the obstruction. Pulses of light radiate from the end of the fiber as the surgeon directs them towards the areas of overgrowth. The light is easily absorbed by the blood which becomes heated to the point that nearby tissues are vaporized. The doctor continues applying this laser light until the destruction of tissue reduces the restriction on the urethra. As the tissue is being vaporized the heat seals off the blood vessels, resulting in less bleeding than in other treatment options. A temporary catheter is often inserted to allow urine to drain from the bladder. The procedure takes approximately one hour.

Recovery after Laser PVP

Patients are observed in a recovery area following the procedure and are typically discharged within a few hours. GreenLight™ laser PVP patients will typically have their catheter removed two days after treatment. For some men, particularly those whose symptoms had been severe or had prior damage to their bladder, a longer period of catheterization is required.

Mild discomfort such as slight burning while urinating and small amount of blood in the urine during the first week is to be expected. Frequency and a sudden urge to urinate may occur for a short period of time as the urethra adjusts to changes. However, patients will notice a dramatic improvement in urine flow and relief of symptoms within a day or two of the procedure. Those with multiple health issues may not experience improvement quite as quickly.

Many men find they can return to normal activities about three days after GreenLight™ LaserPVP. It is recommended that patients refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting or pushing, as well as working with equipment that vibrates for at least two weeks. Such activities aggravate the urogenital area and can cause bleeding.

Sex after GreenLight™ Laser PVP Prostate Surgery

Sexual activity should be avoided for two to three weeks and resumed when the patient is comfortable doing so. Patients may experience retrograde ejaculation or diminished volume, neither of which affects orgasm or sexual pleasure.