Vasectomy reversal procedure takes about three to five hours. No overnight stay is required , though you will need to be accompanied by an adult for the following twenty-four hours. Right after the vasectomy reversal surgery ice packs will need to be placed in the groin area for a day or two, and any discomfort can be handled with over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin. Most patients return to work within three days, unless their occupation involves strenuous physical activity or extended periods of driving.

Before Surgery

Your doctor will make sure vasectomy reversal is likely to work, check to see the health of your sperm, and confirm that your partner is capable of having child.

After Surgery

Patients are usually discharged 15-30 minutes after the surgery. Make arrangements for someone to drive you home. It is important to take it easy. Periodically use an ice pack on your scrotum to help reduce swelling. As the anesthetic wears off, you may have some pain and cramping. For most men, the pain isn't severe and gets better after a few days to a week. Any bruising will disappear after approximately two weeks.

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